What is the purpose of My Shell Body Scrubs?
The main purpose of My Shell Body Scrubs is to create natural products to moisturize and improve the appearance of dry skin, while also eliminating dead skin cells. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy their shell without using harmful ingredients.
How often should I exfoliate?
In order to receive best results, use My Shell Body Scrubs 2-5 times a week or as needed. Everyone’s skin is different, so find the perfect regimen that works best for you & your lifestyle.
How to store products?
My Shell Body Scrubs can be stored in room temperature environments or in cool dry places. Since we use natural ingredients you can store our products in the refrigerator, but it’s not required. Note: natural products may change in color, but still useable.
How do I use My Shell Body Scrub?
You can use My Shell Body Scrubs in the bathtub, shower or sink. Start with making sure your body/hands are thoroughly wet with warm water. Stir then apply scrub with hands. Cover your body/hands with an adequate amount of body scrub, and using circular motions, massage into your skin. Rinse with water, then dry off. Now Say Hello to your new shell!
What is the difference between My Shell Body Scrub, My Shell Face Scrub and My Shell Lip Scrub?
Each type of exfoliate targets various skin areas that require a certain texture and consistency of scrub. As we all know scrubs can be abrasive, so we made it our goal to pay each part of your shell some attention!